Innovative, Secure, Fast, Multi-Home Remote Access

Everybody talks and integrators offer some level of monitoring and control of homes and businesses from anywhere in the world using the Internet. However, did you ever wonder how safe an Internet accessible automation system is?

If so, we understand your concern and Khimo was designed for you.

Khimo brings easy and secure remote access to your automation system as a web service plug-and-play solution.

Easy in the sense that it avoids all the challenges of setting up the home network for remote access; all setup and use is made via an intuitive web user interface.

Secure as Khimo provides state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect your system from intrusion and hacking. Khimo communication protocol was designed in collaboration with Deloitte S.C. professional services.

Khimo advanced cloud architecture makes it ultra fast to use, and with its responsive design it automatically adapts to:

  • iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android based tablet
  • any web enabled device, like iPhones, iPod Touch or any smart-phone with web access
  • any PC or notebook
to generate the simplest and best possible user experience.

Khimo comes equiped with remote 24/7 system monitoring, keeping record of system usage and health. Moreover, Khimo sends automatic e-mail alerts in case of any malfunction. These features not only make Khimo useful to integrators, but to home and business owners as well.

Khimo needs no additional hardware purchases, as it is a full web service solution that can be added to any Crestron or Control4 automation system (other automation brands to follow in Khimo's next release).

Finally, a truly innovative salient feature is that Khimo works natively in multi-home multi-office automation setups, and within a single Khimo web page, a user is provided with a snapshot status page of multiple places at once.

Khimo for home automation installers

Security does matter to your customers

If your customer is investing in a good lock system for his house, then why leave the door of his automation system exposed in anyway to the Internet? If you are taking some measures when you implement remote access, then you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the automation system in anyway publicly exposed through the Internet?
  • Are you constantly monitoring the automation system?
  • How can you be sure someone out there is not trying to brute-force attack the home automation system?
  • Are you aware of the software vulnerabilities that your system could have?
  • Are you keeping up-to-date software to handle security vulnerabilities?
  • Is the remote communication encrypted?
  • Is the remote communication providing some protection against man in the middle attacks?

If one wants to avoid being exposed to any third party Internet attack then Khimo is the right Internet door lock.

Remote access well done

Khimo is a web service with a responsive layout that allows remote access of any Crestron or AMX control system through the Internet. It prevents the system's exposure to any third party Internet attack, providing an extremely secure solution but without all the setup complexity usually in place.

A few Khimo security features:

  • Secure from factory
    • Designed from the ground up thinking on security
    • Designed in collaboration with Deloitte S.C.

  • Password protection
    • Khimo NEVER uses clear text passwords nor default passwords during system-server communication
    • Khimo automatically generates strong system credentials
  • Avoid all the network configuration mess! You will not need any port forwarding or overcomplicated virtual private networking (VPN) configuration
  • No static IP address or dynamic DNS required
  • Khimo encrypts all network traffic that could be exposed on open networks
  • The communication between the system and the server includes challenge-response mutual authentication, and it is designed to prevent man in the middle attacks

Easy and innovative setup

  • User and Installer web pages
    • Set up your customer system in five minutes from the Installer setup page
    • User access webpage is really easy to setup and customize, providing easy managing and control their home automation systems from this page
  • Khimo provides a snapshot off all your home automation systems displayed at a single webpage
  • Khimo keeps the logic and the user interface decoupled, so it is more easy to setup and to maintain
    • Khimo setup does not touch the home automation controller's logic program at all. The 3rd party controller (Crestron or AMX) is in charge of all the logic and Khimo is in charge of the UI. The whole UI is defined and customized through Khimo's web server
    • So if the logic is in place, it is possible to update or modify the user interface without even being on job site

Basic monitoring for free

Give your customers the possibility to remotely access and control their home in a secure fashion, without the need for extra software or applications

Khimo includes a 24/7 remote monitoring service of your home or office from anywhere in the world and at no extra cost. It provides the following features:

  • Store logs and alerts to keep record of system usage and health
  • Automatically email alerts in case of any malfunction

Khimo for final users

Home monitoring from the palm of your hand

Khimo is a service that allows web monitoring and control of your home or business automation system remotely from anywhere in the world.

Khimo does so in a very easy and secure manner, with a very intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, and from any mobile phone, iPad/iPod touch, or laptop/PC.

Khimo avoids complicated setup troubleshooting using only the web to interact with your home, without the need of any extra network configuration (like VPN tunneling, port forwarding, etc).

Besides easy access, Khimo brings a whole new level of security by shielding your home or business from exposure to any third party Internet attack.

If you already own an automation system that you can control from outside of your home, there is a big chance that your system is exposed to the dangers of malicious Internet attacks. Khimo was built with these possible attacks in mind, in order to make it as safe as current state-of-the-art encryption technology allows.

Khimo | Setup flow

Configure your system easily

It takes only a few simple steps to set up your system.

The following flowchart describes how to set up Khimo and have your system up and running within minutes.


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